⭐ Hey guys! TURBO COMICS has launched its first Kickstarter event ever! We are working with amazing folks like writer Chance Phillips and the incredibly talented Michael S Kane (Shaky Kane) of Doom Patrol, Judge Dredd and Elephantmen fame!

⭐ Several stretch goals will be available, such as a variant cover by industry stalwart Trevor Von Eeden, co-creator of Black Lightning and so much more!

Check it out by clicking here: THE SILVER SQUAD KICKSTARTER! 

Who's working on this project?

CHANCE PHILLIPS is an experienced author and publisher. He has handled five previous Kickstarters and written several books for tabletop role-playing games. He wrote this comic and will be assisting in its production. Follow Chance Phillips on Twitter here: @ChanceDPhillips

SHAKY KANE, aka Michael Coulthard, is a British writer and psychedelic artist who best known for his work as a comic and graphic artist under the pseudonym Shaky Kane, as well as Shaky 2000. Shaky Kane has worked as an artist or writer on projects like Doom Patrol, Judge Dredd, and Elephantmen! Follow Shaky Kane on Twitter here: @shaky_kane

TURBO COMICS PUBLISHING: Pacific Northwest Comic Book Outlet & Independent Comic Book Publisher since 2016. Follow TURBO COMICS on Twitter here: @TURBOCOMICSID

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